Why Nick Denton could be the most disruptive force in online media right now

This made my head hurt. In a good way.


Much of the attention in the digital-media sphere tends to get focused on relative upstarts like BuzzFeed, or dramatic moves like Andrew Sullivan’s go-it-alone blogging effort, and with good reason. But meanwhile, Gawker Media founder Nick Denton keeps on methodically trying to re-engineer the entire way that content works online — not to mention reshaping the relationship between Gawker as a publisher and what Jay Rosen and Dan Gillmor have referred to as “the people formerly known as the audience.”

Is there a case to be made that Denton is the most disruptive force in online media right now? I think there is.

As an example, take the latest features that Gawker is rolling out for its Kinja discussion platform, which has been steadily evolving from just a commenting system into a bottom-up publishing method — one that gives readers far more power than they have on virtually any…

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